Cyclops (Scott Summers) is a mutant who fights for the X-Men as their leader. He is one of the first X-Men.


As a child, Scott lived Anchorage, Alaska. His father took them on a flight and the plane was attacked. Scott and Alex Summer (Havok) are put in parachutes. Scott's parachute catches on fire and Scott suffers from brain damage. This explains why he doesn't have the ability to control his blasts. Then Scott is sent to a orphanage in Nebraska and was studied by the owner of the orphanage (Mr. Milbury) who is secretly Mister Sinister. Then Charles Xavier discovers him and he becomes an X-Men member and later leader.

Appearances With DeadpoolEdit

He has once allowed Deadpool to be a member with limited membership. After attempting to kill a father of a X-Men member as a way to show the citizens that the X-Men were heroes instead of a threat to the city, unlike how Norman Osborn tried to depict them. Deadpool was then kicked out of the X-Men.