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Deadpool Corps

  Similar to the interdimensional super-hero team known as the Captain Britain Corps, the Deadpool Corps are a multi-dimensional team of alternate reality Deadpools, Earth-616 Deadpool and Lady Deadpool have loosely been considered the team leaders. The team is considered disbanded, due to Deadpool being the only known living member. There is a alternate version called Deadpool Corps (Earth 20110).

Known Members[]

First Appearance/Disbanded[]

  • First appearance: Deadpool Corps vol. 1 #1
  • Semi-disbanded as of Deadpool Kills Deadpool vol. 1 #3 (as 616-Deadpool and Pandapool are the only known surviving members)
  • Fully disbanded when Pandapool dies in Deadpool Kills Deadpool vol 1 #4 (616 pool is the only remaing living member)


  • The term TRN in the reality locations of many members implies "Temporary Reality Number" as nothing is known about most of the Deadpool Corps home realities.
  • Ultimate Deadpool, Widdle Wade, Deadpool the Duck (Howard The Duck parody), and Spider-Pool (Deadpool/Spider-Man parody), have no known ties to the group.