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Silent night Deadpool Corps

An alternate version of the Deadpool Corps, where Deadpool is still the original leader, but is instead called Mimepool, and dressed in a variation of Deadpool 616's X-Force outfit.


Unfortunately, Mimepool accidently killed the Avengers (by accident or murderous rampage). The Deadpool Corps then replace him as leader, with their version of Lady Deadpool, for killing the avengers. Mimepool then dropped mind controlling berets fell from the sky and resurrected Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man as zombie mimes. This version of Deadpool Corps seemingly killed Mimepool by strapping him to a rocket and firing it off to the planet of the berets' origin. However Mimepool may still be alive, because he presumably since he has the abilities of 616 Deadpool.


  • Mimepool (Earth-20110) (Presumed deceased)
  • Lady Deadpool (Earth-20110)
  • Kidpool  (Earth-20110)
  • Headpool/Zombie Deadpool (Earth-20110)
  • Dogpool (Earth-20110)


  • It is unkown if Lady Deadpool, Kidpool, Dogpool, and Headpool are native to Mimepool's reality, or if they where assembled like the original Deadpool Corps to fight some threat.

First Appearance  []

  • Deadpool vol 2 #1000