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The Deadpool Rap is a kickass song made by a YouTuber named Teamheadkick. I loved it so much it was used in my first movie!



Movie version[]




They call me Deadpool, I'm hella fast

Came to merc the bad guys and get some ass

Got blades for days, got guns galore

Got combo moves, evades and more

With bear traps and hand grenades

Pull the pistol like a maniac, right in your face

Poppin' off caps, leave a trail of guts

Sittin' on ma chair, scratching ma nuts

Don't stop when I shoot, Full auto is on

Your ass is grass and I'm mowin' the lawn

Hot lead to the head and I won't stop

What 'cha crew gonna do, when I hack and chop?

All these bitches are pre-madonnas

I stuff my face with Chimichangas

Tacos and beers, always keepin' it loose

Hang on for a minute while I'm droppin' a deuce


Sexy motherfucker


Dead- Captain Deadpool

Nah, just Deadpool

Merc with a mouth, I can't die

One foot in the grave, but I'm still alive

Try to kill me, I'll just revive

Then I'll put another bullet right between your eyes

I'm dangerous, feelin' reckless, squeeze your neck like I was a necklace

Jump, flip and leave 'em headless

I like my guns all big like Texas

Hey goons, thugs and bosses

Guess what, I brought Colossus!

Times up, better count your losses

Kickin' that ass as my girlfriend watches

Run away, you know that I'll chase

Every bad guy, but 'em right in their place

Revenge, I'm gonna give you a taste

I'm sexy as hell, but I cover ma face

About to take you all to school, with guns and knives


Tellin' jokes and breaking the rules

I came for the tacos


Playin' with the ladies and the family jewels to bust a nut


'Bout to throw down with all these fools

So come an' get some

Bring the noise, I'll bring the pain, ha!

Kickin' ass and taking names

Payback time, I'm not playin' games

These superpowers are feelin' strange

I move like a freaking ninja

Hand to hand, you know I'll end ya

Got two swords, now I'll avenge ya

I don't care if I offend ya

Listen up, I got somethin' to say

That's right, I run ma mouth all day

Step up, take a blood bath

Now you're tryna run and it's makin' me laugh

Ha, ha, ha!

Where you gonna go to?

Try to hide, but you know that I'll find you

Tippy toe, sneakin' up behind you

I'm Deadpool, do I have to remind you?

Regenerate, because it's cool

When I fall off a ledge


The crazy ass guards all lookin' to duel

So click, click, boom!


I don't believe in the golden rule

I came to get laid


Note to the ladies, I'm not a tool

I'm a sexy motherucker

Sexy motherucker

Sexy motherucker

Sexy motherucker

Sexy motherucker