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In the 5 issue series Deadpool and Gambit are triple-crossed by a Broker named Raul Chalmers.

The series is a past-tense setting. In Deadpool v Gambit #1 they run-into one another after waiting in line and then remembered their last time. So it happened to have the two escort a man, who they thought was named Lai specifically- but that was just where he was from. His correct name turned out to be "Fat Cobra" a master of kung-fu. He had some sort of talisman on him that Chalmers needed. It granted him specialties (for example, like drinking a lot of liquor while still giving him vitality to do kung-fu) which aided Deadpool into becoming "Dead Fist" by the Chi of Iron-Fist.

[Deadpool who is Deadpool was suspicious of Chalmers and while snooping on him was attacked by ninja, who were under the command of Fat Cobra. Meanwhile Gambit had his powers reversed by a villain named Scrambler. When the two were hunting Scrambler he was shown to be trying to revolutionize himself, but he couldn't figure it out but understood that fate is still his own. Which lead the two heroes to a barbeque where Scrambler was at- he got away as Fat Cobra appeared. That's when Deadpool was allowed to have Iron Fists Chi. With the ability to read Chi by a persons intentions Deadpool found the location to be a tree. He then got Gambit to coerce with him at the tree, perhaps Scrambler would be there and fate would have him get his powers renewed.]

With that Chi Deadpool located a tree that was guarded by the Asgardians only for the purpose of fate. Should the tree become uprooted, or simply have a branch chopped off "Fat Cobra" would rampage from that very spot upon the Earth from the other dimension. The current dimension, where the tree was located, had "Dead Fist" get stopped by Gambit from chopping the tree whence Gambit thought to throw "Dead Fist" into the Scrambler to reverse his powers back to normal; which worked.

Having returned to normal, Gambit looted Chalmers pockets to find the relic "Dragons Tongue" that he gave back to Fat Cobra after it turned out Chalmers was in fact Loki. Deadpool lost his "Dead Fist" ability and the two, Deadpool & Gambit, walked off into the sunset reminiscing how they won out against Loki.