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Dreadpool is the main badass in the Deadpool Killogy, though he is referred to as Deadpool up until Deadpool Kills Deadpool. He is killed by Earth-616's Deadpool in Deadpool Kills Deadpool issue #4.

After a failed attempt at brainwashing by Psycho-Man, Dreadpool is left with a whisper in his head that tells him that the universe a false, a lie, and encourages him to slaughter everyone in it. This is the beginning of his crusade, and he starts off by killing every hero and villain in the Marvel Universe, with some even willing to throw each other to their deaths rather then face death at the hands of Dreadpool.

But he doesn't stop there. With every being in the MU now dead, Dreadpool takes his murderous rampage to the ideaverse, where he slaughters characters from famous works of literacy like Moby Dick and Sherlock Holmes.

Now, he takes on the ultimate challenge: to kill every version of himself, as he believes that he and his alternate realities are the progenitors of the universe. This causes war to break out, with all the multiverse's deadpools taking side in the battle royale, with Dreadpool himself commandeering the Evil Deadpool Corps, who help to kill all versions of deadpool for the "cause", and he almost succeeds, but meets his fate at the hands of 616 Deadpool in his own headquarters. It is unknown how many deadpools actually survived, but it is believed that the vast majority of them died.