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The origins of the being known as "Evil Deadpool" are tied to Ella Whitby, a British psychiatrist obsessed with the super-human mercenary . She collected numerous parts of Deadpool's body and Dreadpool's that they had lost over the years, and kept them in her freezer. When Deadpool found them, he threw them in a dumpster in disgust. The parts eventually thawed and, since they all had Deadpool's healing factor, fused together into a single person- but because all pieces were half found of Dreadpool and Deadpool. Evil Deadpool has two right lower arms like this.

Evil Deadpool

His mission is to hunt down Dreadpool and cut off his head and have that body as his own, or Deadpools.

Evil Deadpool (Earth-616) from Deadpool & the Mercs for Money Vol 1 2 001

Like so.