"Headpool" originates from another universe where all the Marvel heroes were transformed into zombies. Headpool had a body until it was damaged in a battle.

He briefly made friends with Zombie (Simon Garth) until they parted ways. Headpool somehow made it to the Savage Land where he met his counterpart Deadpool and Dr. Betty Swanson. Headpool desired a new body, and plotted to find someone to decapitate Deadpool and place his head on Deadpool's body, not surprisingly, Headpool has yet to find a person in the 616 reality willing to usher in the zombie apocalypse.

He now eats people 24/7.

Deadpool CorpsEdit

As a multi-dimensional version of Deadpool, Headpool, alongside Deadpool, Lady Deadpool, Kidpool, Dogpool, and Major Deadpool, was a core member of the Deadpool Corps, an interdimensional team similar to the Captain Britain Corps.

Headpool has appeared in the following comics:

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