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If you're looking for someone who loves cloning himself in order to advance his plans for evil, you're looking at one in Mister Sinister.


He was once known as Nathaniel Essex until he made a deal with the devil that is ancient mutant Apocalypse in order to be immortal. He is also the one who created my bud Nathan (Cable) to hunt down Apocalypse.

Back to the 80s, he even cloned Madeline Pryor from Jean Grey. He also ruined the Summers family's lives and was eventually defeated by an optic blast courtesy of Cyclops.

Role in Deadpool[]

He only appeared in my game as the main villain. When we first meet up in the game, he kills my contract Chance White. I get mad, kill Sinister's lame lackey Vertigo and knock out his buff lackey Blockbuster, but he uses those powers of his to tear me apart like a used paper napkin before running off. Later I find him in a weird ball-shaped machine on top of a big freaky-looking tower thing on Genosha. He starts yammering on about his big plan that he thinks I can't stop, but then I find out that he's stuck in that thing and mix things up by pressing lots of buttons on the controls. After enough button presses, the big machine rolls to the ground with me and Sinister in it. I drop the dead guy at Cable's feet and get ready for the end credits. But Cable gets on my case about that just being a clone doing whatever the real Sinister wanted it to. Next time I see Sinister is in a big fancy room overlooking the arena where Rogue is chained up and ready for me to save her. After I set up all the bombs I'm gonna use to save her, I go after Sinister, this time being all sneaky-sneaky about it. Despite my sneaky attempts to take that bastard down (wait, did I say "bastard"?), Cable tips me off that it was just another clone distracting me, which sucked since I went to the trouble of ruining my favorite sword by shoving it up his ass like a little bitch. Then, it was revealed that the REAL Mister Sinister has taken down the X-Men (one of whom is my best bud, the hot Rogue). But in the end, I crushed him (yes, the real Mister Sinister) with a Sentinel boot, but I don't know if he is real or not. Still, my game is very awesome, don't you think? And so is his role in it! His asshole also makes a great katana stand.