Ah yes Mr. Baddy Baddy(psyche!) Sinster is a chump, a powerful, smart, super evil chump! He talks big but he uses clones to do his bidding( you know the word it starts with a C ands with a P ryhmes with b*@!h!) As a mutate like me i have to respect hi-( sory couldent finish that sentence with out breaking the M key, HA! he wish he was like me.) Mr.Sinister was born on the back of a pirate ship(hold togue) He created a group called the Muraders to fight for him while he sucked his thumb.  He (or she we cant tell for sure with all that white make-up on his face)  has went up agianst some powerful x me-( CAN I please stop! I rather type about wolverine then do this(nope scratch that I would rather shoot my self in the head then do that, and for a price of one game you might see me do that.( Wink,Wink))) But seriously, Sinister is a powered-up pansy and I can beat him like an egg on a Michael Jackson drum. Whatever the F-bomb that means.