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Rogue is a member of the X-Men, I like almost never interact with her in the comics, too bad, cause she is HAWT... Which is better than hot by the way... Anyways she appears in my video game... and at one point in a bikini I might add.............. to help boost sales!

[1] Deadpool, quit foolin' around. [2]
-- Rogue

She went with the X-Men to stop Mr. Sinister. Later on she gets injured and gets a taste for more than just me. Let's just say it feels good to be in her... head that is.  She did take my mask to start killing Sinister's goons who came to fight her, the inner voices specifically appreciated the fact of being inside a woman. Wade left the scene when he accidentally exploded a grenade near him, collapsing the ground below him. Rogue presumably defeated all of the enemies present and later reunited with the X-Men, at one point, she lost the abilities of Deadpool.