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Sirynn and Deadpooll

Me and Siryn.

Siryn (Theresa Rourke Cassidy) was one of my past lovers, associated with the X-Men.

Siryn becomes a core member of X-Force, a paramilitary superhero team and for a time was its field leader. As a member of X-Force, her teammate Warpath develops a romantic interest in her while Siryn begins an on-going flirtation with me. She and I initially became involved when we met while fighting Black Tom Cassidy and the Juggernaut. Though Banshee warns Siryn that I was a madman and a murderer, she found herself quite taken with me, even looking past my horrific appearance. Due to this kindness, I became infatuated with Siryn and often sat outside her window as she slept in the X-Mansion. At first Siryn is unaware of this, but she is comforted in knowing that I was watching over her. Over time, Siryn became the voice of reason and sanity in my ear, attempting to sway him to the side of good. She assisted me in some of my missions, such as when I felt I needed some blood from the Hulk in order to cure problems with his own healing powers. in the end, however, Siryn becomes overwhelmed with balancing her duties with X-Force and the demands of my somewhat faulty sanity. She promised me that she would consider progressing their relationship if I continue on the path of good, and once she has her X-Force responsibilities secured. Warpath continues to seek Siryn's affections, and makes his dislike for me clear during a visit to the baseball diamond used in the movie, Field of Dreams

Siryn and I later seemingly reconcile, but it turns out to be Copycat posing as Siryn.