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He tried to kill me, he tried to kill Copycat, he failed, blah blah blah, bad guy reasons, blah blah blah, I kicked his @$$, and to close up in the words of not my own, but many of my buddies creator, Nuff' Said.

Another Weapon X Reject[]

(He may be a D-List villain, but he first showed up in Deadpool #1, so lets throw him a bone)

A prior ally of the Weapon X project with a grudge against Deadpool, he hunted Wade down during the search for Tolliver's will, and came at odds with Deadpool, and other fellow Weapon X alumni Copycat and Garrison Kane. Although many believe him dead, his ability to rebuild himself after being blown to bit by Deadpool (his reason for hating Deadpool to begin with) call this into question, though Slayback himself stated it took years for himself to pull himself together the last time, so if he is alive, he is certainly licking his wounds right now.

Powers and Abilities[]

Has a seemingly bio-technological body, sharp claws, can rebuild himself at the cellualar level, capable of extending his limbs, can infect others with a techno-organic virus.