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  1. Deadpool really towards for his partner Spider-Man

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  1. Deadpool spidey

    Deadpool and Spider-Man friendship

    Deadpool and Spider-Man friendship relationship

  2. Deadpool spidey

    Spider-Man and deadpool partner friendship

Deadpool really want spider so much but deadpool really obsessed with Spider-Man

mephisto return Spider-Man/ deadpool volume 2 deadpool towards feelings for Spider-Man

mephisto going to used carnage obsessed on Peter Parker into evil carnage to killed people but evil carnage vs ltsy bitsy again but deadpool really didn’t know Peter Parker so much that deadpool going found out who didn’t this to partner Spider-Man but deadpool going save Spider-Man again but deadpool and Spider-Man having fight again about Spider-Man didn’t not talk about kiss but deadpool really saved Spider-Man life again but deadpool really promised to Spider-Man not do that again but deadpool has kiss Spider-Man again but deadpool really found out who behind all this but deadpool saw vision on behind shadows it was mephisto that one behind the all.

Deadpool is going to used powers of carnage to project his friend partner Spider-Man for his life but deadpool is not going to lose Spider-Man again but deadpool going has revenge and his hunted mephisto down what mephisto done to Spider-Man. Deadpool became possessed has red venom but red venom is carrying Spider-Man with him but spider verse is has return to city but spider verse meet a red venom a bigger one but average has sawing bigger red venom but red venom is carrying Spider-Man but red venom pushed all avengers and spider verse away from him but deadpool is taking Spider-Man with him hell but deadpool holding Spider-Man tight but Wade holding Peter Parker tight to taking to hell and Wade wife is well but deadpool takes open a Spider-Man mask and deadpool kiss Spider-Man

mephisto is going hunted Spider-Man for his nightmares but deadpool found out that mephisto was is getting inside Spider-Man head.

the happy Valentine’s Day but Eleanor camacho gives her dad to 🎁 say happy Valentine’s Day to her dad deadpool and master matrix gives to his dad deadpool a 🎁 happy Valentine’s Day but master matrix got one 🎁 to his dad Spider-Man too but deadpool told them that he got plain for him and Spider-Man. But deadpool ringing Peter Parker iPhone but Wade say happy Valentine’s to Spider-Man but Wade asked Peter having a night out for a bar but Spider-Man and deadpool walked together.

Wade gives Spider-Man a 🎁 for his son master matrix but deadpool and Spider-Man are opening 🎁 together but master matrix got them black in leather jacket but they put it on black in leather jacket but Spider-Man really likes it but deadpool really loves this black in leather jacket.

Deadpool and Spider-Man going to bar having a drink but deadpool gives Spider-Man a 🍺

but Spider-Man didn’t not want a drink it but deadpool gives Spider-Man a try a bit but Spider-Man drinks it but Spider-Man test like favourite cherry felt really good but Spider-Man drinks it all it deadpool gives some a more drink but Spider-Man is getting very drunk but deadpool gets very drunk but Spider-Man and deadpool having a laugh together but deadpool telling Spider-Man a joke about anything but Spider-Man not nothing stop laugh so hard but spider and deadpool 🍻 but deadpool and Spider-Man are mint 🍻 about who is best but deadpool holding Spider-Man tight but deadpool and Spider-Man are dance together have pretty

Mephisto is a controlling spider-man but deadpool really found out that mephisto knows Peter Parker identity that is Spider-Man but . Deadpool & Spider-Man having fight and others

because Spider-Man didn’t not want talking about it anymore. Spider told deadpool together but deadpool hugged Spider-Man tight together are sleeping dance but deadpool takes Spider-Man home place but deadpool gives Spider-Man a alcohol cans favoured but Spider-Man is drinking a drunk but Spider-Man felt so weird but deadpool gives Spider-Man a huge but Spider-Man stand up but Spider-Man legs are shake but deadpool hugged Spider-Man but deadpool takes Spider-Man a his bedroom to sleep in here night but deadpool and Spider-Man are falling in bed together but deadpool looked at Spider-Man but deadpool opens his mask and deadpool gets closer to kiss him but deadpool kisaragi back to Spider-Man but Spider-Man kiss back to him but deadpool holding Spider-Man and deadpool touched him and Wade felt his Peter touched to his skin and his touch kiss Spider-Man neck but before next when Spider-Man wake up in bed but Spider-Man looked behind but deadpool in bed with him but Spider-Man found out that not his bedroom but deadpool bedroom but Spider-Man 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🤯🤯🤯🤯😨😥😨😱😨😨😨😨😨😨😨 but deadpool 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😨😨😰😰😖😖😖😖😣😣😣😖😣 but Spider-Man felt that him and are like but Spider-Man got costumes off

but Spider-Man still starts thinking now that they had a sex.............Spider-Man 😨😱😨😱😱😱😱😨😱😱😱😡😤😱😨😨😨😨😨😰😰😱😱😱😳😳😳😳😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 but Spider-Man say OH MY GOD..... Spider-Man didn’t not ever happened...... but Spider-Man going putting his costumes on but Spider-Man going to bathroom but deadpool trying not Spider-Man not to go anywhere but deadpool knock ✊ on Spider-Man bathroom door but deadpool really check Spider-Man is okay but Spider-Man having a shower clean himself but Spider-Man check at mirror but Spider-Man going to be sick 🤢 on the toilet 🚽 but Spider-Man now comes out but deadpool felt a bathroom door is open when deadpool opens the bathroom door but deadpool really knows that Spider-Man was gone but deadpool towards feelings for Spider-Man that deadpool really going found him and told him but deadpool trying to found him but deadpool found him but deadpool really trying Spider-Man to calm himself down a bit but deadpool touched him shoulder but Spider-Man slapped deadpool hand but spider didn’t not want deadpool to touch him but Spider-Man trying

deadpool asked Spider-Man questions that kiss means anything to him .

deadpool never keeps his mouth shut about something their they kiss but Spider-Man didn’t not want nothing to do with relationship with deadpool. But Spider-Man told deadpool that was over but deadpool told spider to wait but Spider-Man is walking away from deadpool. Spider-Man didn’t not ever to answer deadpool but deadpool used his weapon to get spider-man attention to answer questions but Spider-Man speaks to deadpool that kiss was this disgusting but deadpool still starts pushing him on face but Spider-Man & deadpool having a fight but Spider-Man used his web on deadpool weapons to takes his weapons away from him but deadpool jumped on over city but Spider-Man going check his gone but deadpool hitting Spider-Man behind him but deadpool called Spider-Man funny names but Spider-Man didn’t not want make jokes on deadpool but Spider-Man gets very angry mad but Spider-Man chose after deadpool going like round and round 🔴 round web but Spider-Man got deadpool to but Spider-Man really takes anything breath anymore longer 🤣🤣🤣🤣 but deadpool kicks Spider-Man on falling over the big web but Spider-Man give up by deadpool jumped over Spider-Man but Spider-Man hitting deadpool very hard but deadpool holding Spider-Man tight.

Deadpool is trying to make Spider-Man to understand. Spider-Man kicked deadpool very hard but deadpool didn’t not feel the then but Spider-Man very angry told deadpool to let him go but deadpool open Spider-Man mask but deadpool gives Spider-Man a kiss. spider-man kicked him very hard but Spider-Man pushed deadpool very hard but Spider-Man got out from his web but Spider-Man just run shoot off flyers away but Spider-Man gets back to his home waiting to his room but Peter Parker takes his mask off and his sitting down on his bed but Peter Parker having a shower to calm himself down but mephisto sawing Spider-Man Peter Parker is fate is hurt but mephisto has made vemon carnage to but lity bites is coming back into Peter Parker home and hunted him but mephisto has wants for this show begins but deadpool going to speak Spider-Man to talk to him but master matrix asked his dad that anything okay but deadpool felt upset that they having fight but master matrix asked his dad go over head to talk to him but deadpool going walking off here taking him but deadpool sawing some is not right Peter place but deadpool really felt that his friend was in trouble but Peter Parker ear is spider sense is soul is someone is here but lity bitsy got attacked on windows but Peter Parker running gets his Spider-Man but ltsy bitsy singing spider song on hunted make play a game on him but Peter Parker didn’t not feeling surprised that lity bitsy is back but Peter Parker didn’t not understand why she not can’t not die but Spider-Man webs on litsy bitsy but

spider- man powers lost control it trying end this ltsy bitsy but deadpool saved Spider-Man a kiss to calm himself down but deadpool really didn’t not mephisto nothing not touched Spider-Man over mess with his head again but deadpool really project partner Friend Spider-Man for his life.

beacuse Spider-Man make deadpool has new hero that who he is . deadpool didn’t not ever happened to Spider-Man again but deadpool didn’t not want lost him again but deadpool has towards feelings Spider-Man so much because deadpool really care about Spider-Man so much but deadpool takes him to his house to rest but deadpool daughter was looking after for his friend spent for him but deadpool going meet shiklah something that shiklah found out that deadpool and Spider-Man kiss and shiklah slap deadpool about 4 minute times 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 for that shiklah got very jealous of Spider-Man but shiklah asked deadpool questions why sacrifice his own to saved Spider-Man but deadpool told shiklah that not happened again but shiklah asked deadpool questions that he loves Spider-Man but deadpool told shiklah that just friend that it but deadpool just lied to shiklah but because deadpool really has towards feelings for spider-man because deadpool was in love with Spider-Man but deadpool check on Spider-Man about they it but Spider-Man didn’t not remember what happened but Spider-Man not listen to deadpool like that but Spider-Man trying to apologize to deadpool for pushing him round and not listen to him at all but Spider-Man has remember that kiss but Spider-Man really knows that kiss is well but Spider-Man didn’t not want to talk about but deadpool told Spider-Man that was crazy right but deadpool swear for Spider-Man that we’re cool but Spider-Man stay great but Spider-Man told deadpool that we’re not talking about this but Deadpool promised to friend Spider-Man that we’re cool but Spider-Man felt happy that are same page but deadpool not same page but Spider-Man felt happy now that spider man and deadpool are gold they talked about this but deadpool really felt his towards feelings for spider man . 4 deadpool & Spider-Man slept together but deadpool has takes Spider-Man somewhere but deadpool has become carnage but deadpool has called himself a venompool but venompool has carried Spider-Man to taking him somewhere but the spider verse return and the avocado is well and they meet big venompool never see before but the spider verse saw his friend Spider-Man was very hurt but venompool carried Spider-Man with him but venompool was going to taking Spider-Man somewhere but venompool has pushed them away from but avengers knows that deadpool is venompool.

Venompool has going to take his beloved Spider-Man with him but venompool going to hunted this guy mephisto down what he it to his beloved Spider-Man but venompool is going project Spider-Man form mephisto. But venom carnage black Spider-Man has hurt killing people but deadpool has saved Spider-Man form his kiss and venom carnage possession deadpool became a venompool but deadpool has found out his sawing vision who behind it but deadpool well became a venompool and his going project his beloved Spider-Man but avengers found deadpool / Spider-Man has disappeared nowhere near be found but people didn’t not know what happened to Peter Parker anyone else didn’t not know where Peter Parker could gone but Spider verse was second to Spider-Man is well nothing can’t be found yet but avengers really knows where venompool is taking Spider-Man but Spider-Verse didn’t not know idea they gone. And eleanor camacho felt worried that her dad deadpool didn’t not came home but master matrix is looking after deadpool daughter but eleanor camacho asked master matrix has her adopted older brother 🥲

eleanor camacho when her dad deadpool and her uncle Spider-Man return but master matrix asked eleanor camacho that he not sure yet but Master matrix is not going to lie to her but master matrix told eleanor camacho that to wait and see I promise they return but eleanor camacho is like master matrix older brother to her. But mephisto didn’t not found anything dead body form Spider-Man but mephisto found out that guy deadpool has venom carnage but mephisto didn’t not know where could gone .

mephisto well them and if mephisto doesn’t he really wants Spider-Man died .shiklah walked back to her room when shiklah meet big giant venompool & holding Spider-Man tight. In bed togetherbut shiklah has closed a looked at venompool but shiklah found out that venompool is deadpool but his change back himself but deadpool is on bed with Spider-Man . But deadpool asked shiklah questions about how to found mephisto.

The end spider-man / deadpool volume 3 deadpool going not Spider-Man to found out that deadpool has symbiote carnage.

Wade got no choice not telling Spider-Man about because deadpool really wants project Spider-Man form his life because deadpool really didn’t not want lost his friend partner Spider-Man but deadpool saved Spider-Man but deadpool holding Spider-Man but then deadpool and Spider-Man meet mephisto but deadpool really wants kill that mephisto really wants Spider-Man soul to take but deadpool never going to happen again but mephisto is getting to hurt Spider-Man is identity Peter Parker but deadpool is true into venompool but Spider-Man found out that deadpool has this symbiote venom but venompool saved Spider-Man but mephisto used his powers fire burning him to hell but Wade saved Spider-Man life but Spider-Man really can’t stand up but venompool told Spider-Man a truth about that his had this but Wade really wants to used it to project Spider-Man become a hero but Spider-Man really going to forgive his friend Wade for that but Spider-Man really going to trust Wade but mephisto going to end all to getting out off deadpool away to end Peter Parker is Spider-Man to take his soul but doctor strange going to a rescue Spider-Man and deadpool but doctor strange has takes Spider-Man and deadpool to the universal awareness but when mephisto saw that doctor strange is gone but mephisto really wants killed Spider-Man Peter Parker and mephisto going had his soul but deadpool wakes up and his see Spider-Man in bed with him but deadpool gets close to him to wake him up but Wade asked Peter okay but Spider-Man say hi deadpool but deadpool felt that Spider-Man is not well but Wade get hugged him tight

Wade get closer to him but Wade gives Spider-Man a kiss but when Wade gives half symbiote to Spider-Man for his love for him but Spider-Man symbiote and venompool are together but Wade and Spider-Man making love other kisses.

Spider-Man feelings weird 😵 but when Wade and Peter wake up that anything is just dream but doctor strange return to check them Spider-Man and deadpool are wake yet but Spider-Man felt weird day but deadpool felt not weird 😅 but Spider-Man asked doctor strange that knows to found us but doctor strange is going telling Spider-Man that mephisto wants him for his Spider-Man soul but Spider-Man found that deadpool has all ready now about this but deadpool maybe reason why Wade didn’t not told Spider-Man about this because he not believe Wade but Spider-Man and he thinks that mephisto the one who made ltsy bitsy form they blood something but doctor strange really knows that Wade has symbiote venom carnage that one that mephisto made it to get close to him but Spider-Man asked deadpool what doctor strange was talking about but Spider-Man really knows now Wade used for project his friend Spider-Man but doctor strange really asked deadpool for that symbiote venom to him but Spider-Man touched deadpool shoulder but Peter told Wade that do that his say but Spider-Man told deadpool going let symbiote venom go but deadpool just let symbiote venom go now but doctor strange got the symbiote venom put into crystal ball not used one hands again doctor strange really knows that symbiote is very dangerous in one hand but Spider-Man really knows that is symbiote is dangerous but deadpool really wants to used it powers carnage venom to project Spider-Man but Spider-Man gets very mad at deadpool because when Wade told Peter that truth but Spider-Man told deadpool to go home but doctor strange really vs mephisto for not taking Spider-Man soul but deadpool really wants know doctor strange not to lost for his guilty but Spider-Man told deadpool stop and go home but doctor strange promise Spider-Man for not lost to mephisto but doctor strange told them that anything he can do but deadpool and Spider-Man go back home but Wade stopped him and talking to him about Wade asked Peter that mad about but Peter told Wade that he not talking about anything but Peter got on tv news tomorrow morning when Spider-Man left but Wade felt sad felt wrong that he didn’t not let mephisto not take that his friend Spider-Man Peter Parker soul but Wade felt looked at him that didn’t not worried about anything that poor soul but doctor strange is going lose vs mephisto but Wade meet behind shadow is was friend weasel again but before next morning when Wade and weasel are watching tv together and having a 🍻 together because Wade told weasel old times but Wade watching on Peter Parker on tv

anna maria marconi told Peter Parker not make mess with coffee ☕️ on his clothes but anna maria marconi asked Peter Parker that he okay but Peter Parker that anna maria marconi is fine but anyone are talking photography 📷🎥📹📸 but people wait for Peter Parker is going to stay but Peter Parker was trying to sawing them something 🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 but Wade see Peter Parker is on tv news channel but weasel asked Wade that your friend Peter Parker but Peter Parker going to speak anybody’s but Peter Parker felt weird and 😵😖 but anna maria marconi speak Peter Parker that all right but Peter Parker was stay something to everyone but Peter Parker felt weird again but everyone stopped starting at Peter Parker was staying something but Peter Parker felt not well but Peter Parker felt something 🤢 and Peter Parker wait sick🤮 all people 😬🤭😧😱😱😱😨 but Wade felt 😰😱😨😱😱😱😱😱 that his friend spidey got but Anna Maria marconi asked Peter Parker that his alright but Anna Maria marconi told 📸 people to cut this off but weasel asked Wade what going on with your friend mr Parker but Wade always just left 😂😂😂😂😂😂 weasel 😳???... but Wade going visit his friend Peter Parker but Anna Maria marconi taking her boss Peter Parker home but Peter Parker felt no felt so good about this