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[1] doctor strange join vs mephisto but doctor strange is not let mephisto not take Spider-Man soul but Peter Parker wakes up felt very weird but Anna Maria asked boss Peter Parker to get rest off to day but doctor going to check on mr Parker but Peter Parker explains to doctor is not feeling nothing but doctor left check his fever 🤒 but don’t has checked nothing wrong with him but don’t told mr Parker to takes some day off but Anna Maria marconi told Peter Parker to stay here to get better tomorrow but Peter Parker explains to Anna Maria marconi that he be fine not to worry about it but Anna Maria marconi leave Peter Parker alone but Peter Parker up there but deadpool surprised spidey but Peter Parker not surprised that deadpool scared him for dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 but Wade really wants check on Peter Parker okay but Peter told Wade that he fine but Wade really wants visit Peter but Peter told Wade to leave but Wade really wants to stay with him but Spider-Man and deadpool going stop crimes but Spider-Man used his web but deadpool used his weapons but police taking crimes away but Spider-Man felt not well but he felt worried : 2 morlun haunted killed spider-man but morlun beat up spider-man so badly but deadpool ear called form his friend spidey but Wade felt something is wrong when Wade’s adopted daughter he told her that he will be back for her but spider man lost left eye but deadpool show up to self him but Wade was very 🤭 but his friend spidey face was ruined bruised over face but Wade going make that guy morlun but Wade gun on morlun 💥🌫 but morlun found out they gone but Wade carrying spidey too hospital but Wade asked them not taking off his mask but doctor that can’t see spider man was cover his with bruised but Wade holding spidey hand tight but Wade was shake it because Wade didn’t not want lost his friend spidey he ever had

but nurse & doctor cover machine stay cover about 5 times but Wade speak to spidey stay with him

Wade can’t feel spidey hand is move but doctor & nurse can’t see that spider man is lived but Wade is stay with his friend partner spidey but Wade is crying over is hand but Wade holding Peter hand very tight but Peter never saw Wade cry felt sad before but Wade think Peter really can’t move at all and his left eye but Wade is trying stay something to spidey about something because Wade telling spidey how really feel about him but Wade ear iPhone ringing about his daughter was calling but Wade is going out side his talking to his daughter about anything okay but Wade ear something but Wade opens door but morlun is here trying end spider man off but Wade fight morlun but morlun is too powerful but Wade not give it up he well project his partner spider man but morlun killed him but Wade 😱 cried say spidey name so louder but morlun felt something inside him but morlun got pushed by something that morlun felt that he not can’t end him off but morlun felt his power got week but Wade pushed morlun on the face but Wade pushed very hard morlun bruised over his face but Wade pushed morlun pulled out the window but Wade felt that is over now but Wade think something is save spidey inside him but Wade falling a sleep on the chair when Wade wake up that spidey was gone but Wade ear his friend spidey voice but spider man gives Wade some breakfast but Wade felt surprised spider man is better but spider man take off his mask but Wade was 🤭 that Peter face got no bruised anymore but Peter put his mask back on but Wade huge spidey tight but spider man stay thinks to Wade for save his life

6: Peter felt can’t not sleep well night but Peter felt sick all day in night but he felt is plan is hurting inside his tummy tuck but Peter going call fantastic four to help but before next morning but mr stretch is used is lab machine test check over spider-man body but mr stretch asked spider-man lay down into the full body mri machine but mr stretch is check is spider-man round over is body but mr stretch can’t something inside spider-man but mr stretch trying closer look on spider-man tuck but he can’t see a spider egg growing a bit little big but mr stretch felt 😳😱🤭🤔 but spider-man asked mr stretch about what wrong but mr stretch told spider-man to wait here a mint but Peter thinks something is wrong but mr stretch explain to spider-man something not going to believe him but all fantastic four are here but they not going stay something to him but spider-man trying aske fantastic four what is it but mr stretch told spider-man not to freak out but spider-man asked mr stretch what wrong but mr stretch gives spider-man a photography that mr stretch told spider-man that his pregnant but spider-man just 🤣 that anything was joke right a pregnant male but spider-man think that fantastic four not laugh not joke but spider-man felt freak out but mr stretch told spider-man to calm himself down but spider-man ear call his friend deadpool Wade Wilson but Wade asked spidey about where you were but spider-man told deadpool to call you back but Wade think that Peter is not himself to day

but Spider man check that photography again but spider-man ear deadpool voice but spider man put his photography into pocket but spider-man really can’t tell Wade about this but Wade asked spidey where was here but spider man told Wade a lied

spider man asked Wade question about hospital before spider man hurt very badly but Wade told spidey anything but spider man didn’t not remember at all just wake up in the hospital but Wade really know that was who that death healing him but spider man thinks that was death girlfriend but Wade left but Wade has dream about his lover death but Wade stay think you to death for save spider man life and healing him but death asked Wade question that what he was talk about but Wade really know that death save him but Wade looked at death face that she never to do with spider man healing but Wade found out that death that one not save and healing but Wade thinking who ? .? But Wade think about that spidey been weird day but Wade iPhone spider man but Wade going gives Peter answer but spider man to see doctor stranger but spider man asked doctor stranger fever to get that symbiote out off his body . But spider-man told doctor stranger that then monster inside him but because spider man really want off monster then in his body but doctor stranger going having look inside him to get the then out off Peter

  1. Spider-Man/ deadpool volume 3