T-Ray is Deadpool's longest running nemesis, his first appearance was in Deadpool Vol. 1 #1. T-Ray claims that he is the real Wade Wilson, and that Deadpool stole his identity. According to T-Ray's story, years ago, the man who would become Deadpool was a minor mercenary named Jack. On the run from his employers, Jack found hospitality in the home of the future T-Ray and his wife. Jack revealed that he was going to steal T-Ray's identity, so that his employers could not track him. He then assaulted T-Ray and his wife. T-Ray survived his assault, but his wife did not. Jack then escaped. Following this supposed encounter, T-Ray traveled to Japan, where he used sorcery to sell his soul to deities he calls the 'Dark Masters' in exchange for a more powerful, muscular Albino form. T-Ray then became a mercenary and competed for jobs with Deadpool. T-Ray attacked Deadpool many times, including the time he resurrected Deadpool's deceased wife, Mercedes in order to torture him. Later, T-Ray started writing the names of his targets on his back and would cross them out as he killed them. He still hasn't crossed out Deadpool's name. Deadpool and T-Ray now share a soul.