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Taskmaster. He is a Villain.

Tasky's life[]

Well, first off, I think we should start off from where he was born. A lot of people believe Brooklyn, New York, but I think he came from Hell. (Have you seen his face? Jeez.) When he was a little kiddie, he would always perfectly mimic the things he'd seen on TVs an' stuff, like the time he became his high school's star quarterback just by watching a pro football game! Good on him! However, his mommy called him in to see what was wrong with him. Psychiatrists said he's got "photographic reflexes," which is a form of photographic memory, meaning he can literally do anything anyone else does. Well, except for me; I'm unpredictable!

After high school, Tasky took on the life of a professional criminal because he thought it paid more than crime-fighting... haha! I can't even say that with a straight face. Anyway, long story short - Taskmaster trained a crapload of villains and became one of the most respected villains ever himself; still unable to live up to the expectations of the amazing DEADPOOL!

Involvement with me[]

Taskmasty and I have fought together a lot. And, hahahahahahahahahahahaha, I mean A LOT. However, he never seemed to completely memorize my moves, as I am "crazy and unpredictable in battle," or, whatever he said.

In that comic, Deadpool MAX #5, Taskmaster was a hot chick who raised me as a child, which is weird, because I've always viewed him as an ugly, skeleton-looking guy. I was turned on, embarrassed AND intimidated!

What else... oh! He was in that game starring me, Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds and the Ultimate version of that game. What? That wasn't starring me? Yeah, whatever. You're just jealous. Anyway, he's got moves in that game that mimic others', like the ones where he swings on a rope (copying Spidey), uses his shield (like ol' Cappy A.), shoots some arrows (like that bow-holding guy... who was that? Ha, doesn't matter), uses a sword (like the Dark Knight... or is it the Black Knight?), and uses a gun, like me! Or, well, more like the Punisher, but, whatever. In Deadpool #9, he uses this costume that he got off me! This costume can be put on him in the Ultimate version of Mvc3.


Yep, that's all I have to say about ol' Tasky. Be sure to say hi to him for me in the upcoming MMO game, Marvel Heroes! Oh, and I hope I don't see him in my video game.F**K U TASKMASTER! That'll just be tacky.