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Tolliver (later revealed as Tyler Dayspring) X-Men series 2 card

So when I first showed up in the Marvel Universe, I was an assassin working for a guy named Tolliver, who I later killed, but I did not kill the real Tolliver, just a decoy, the real one turned out to be Cable's son Tyler... who then became Genesis, the new Apocalypse. Confused? I was.


I thought I was working for some jerk with deep pockets and a Doctor Doom complex, I had no idea I was working for Cable's son, or that he would become the 2nd Apocalypse... Believe me, that would have come up in conversation (I'm not very good with secrets)


Cable's little boy went on to become the 1st reincarnation of Apocalypse, Genesis, and someone killed him, Wolverine I think... Oh well, so long boss!