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Spider-Man didn’t not want to see deadpool again but deadpool has marked dare with venom to bring to get Spider-Man but venom told deadpool found out that Spider-Man identity is Peter Parker is Spider-Man

eddie brock get very jealous of Spider-Man Peter Parker what Eddie hate most about Peter Parker but Eddie brock felt brayed by venom symbiote side with Wade Wilson choice is because Eddie brock really found himself that venom symbiote and Wade Wilson really beyond as one beacuse venom symbiote is really loves Spider-Man too but Eddie brock is going brayed venom symbiote and his host Wade Wilson is well but Eddie brock put poison in the bottle water to gives Peter Parker was in handcuffs in the wall [1] but Wade Wilson going check on spidey but Peter Parker got sick but Wade check Peter Parker fever that he got cold but Wade think that he not feeling so good but Wade taking Peter Parker handcuffs waist but Wade Wilson felt so wrong that Peter Parker is going die but Wade gives Peter Parker clean clothes for him but Wade can’t feel spidey felt so cold sick very badly but Wade Wilson didn’t not want to do that but venom symbiote voice told Wade Wilson to taking having tub bath to warm him better but Peter Parker is freezing cold fever is sick but Wade Wilson taking Peter Parker clothes off and

Wade Wilson is peep next door Peter Parker apartment when Peter is get change to his clean clothes and is spider-man couture room window

put him a the tub but Wade holding Peter Parker forehead soft but Wade trying make Peter Parker to calm his fever down but Wade think that Peter Parker is going die but Wade didn’t not want to lose him again but Wade Wilson left Peter Parker in tub but Wade wait to the bathroom to looking for pills but Wade Wilson pack spidey up but Wade putting pills into Peter mouth but Wade pulled Peter back and he told him drinking it but Peter Parker starts to drink it but Wade has saved spidey life but Peter Parker calm himself down but Wade hugged him tight but Peter Parker falling asleep but Wade kiss him forehead but Wade putting clean up his naked body but Wade looked at Peter Parker got very nice body but Wade putting his clothes back on and he putting him into his handcuffs on his waist on the bed but Wade hugged Peter Parker softly to sleep with him . Peter wakes up he feel better but Peter got his handcuffs is off but Peter looked behind Wade is a sleep but Peter walk slowly 🤫 but Peter put his clothes back on and his spider-man couture well but Peter is walk upstairs 🤫 but Peter close the door on basement but Peter is start run now really fast but Wade open eyes that spidey is not here but venom symbiote told Wade wake up that Peter Parker was gone but Wade forgot that he for put on Peter handcuffs that not run away from him again but deadpool get ready true form into big monster venompool but venompool is going to found Peter and venompool after him not run form again but Peter parker run away fast he can’t to found hero but Peter Spider-Man couture and swings away to run fast but spider man felt very scared but spider-man spidey sense that he think that Wade venom

are here behind him but venompool going to kick spidey but spider-man is used wed swings away faster but spider-man looked behind him but venom deadpool are gone but spider-man think that he lost them but spider-man felt so weird felt woozy but spider-man really holding much long but spider-man can’t see tony stark at window but tony stark is talk on the 📞 but spider-man web swing faster but spider-man spidey sense that venompool got him but tony stark ear some behind the window but tony ear nothing and he going back on 📞again about found Peter Parker but venompool holding spidey tight taking back to Wade place to the basement again but venompool is hold spidey down on the bed but Wade got very angry at Peter that run away from him but Wade abuse raped Peter clothes off sexual but wade fuck spidey but Wade transform into big monster fuck Peter but venompool lick peter naked body but Peter was 😱 crying but wade and venom felt so good better but Wade & venom pushes himself on him but Wade & venom are one felt touch by Peter Parker body but Peter felt woozy and shake but Peter felt sick again but Wade check Peter has fever going bad but Wade gives Peter a pills again make him feel better but Peter felt sick again but Peter felt woozy but Wade wake Peter up

Wade asked venom what is wrong with spidey but venom can’t smell spider-man on his tummy unrealistic but venom told Wade About Peter Parker is having child but Peter felt that monster Symbiote inside Peter but Peter really want to get out but Wade hug Peter tummy unrealistic can’t child is move it inside him. Venom asked Wade that not tell Eddie about this but venom didn’t not want Eddie to fake out didn’t not believe us made babies with male but Wade really knows that venom loves Eddie brock so much

but Wade gives venom his word but Wade really want leaves with Peter and child to be together but venom want Wade to go with him and with Peter’s child his carry with his pregnant child

Wade asked venom questions that didn’t loves Eddie or didn’t love same way with Wade Wilson loves Peter when venom tones